Work with Me


When my sixth grade English teacher, Mrs. Edna Carmichael, took the time to nurture my writing, she put me on a pathway as a storyteller for life’s sake. God has multiplied her investment over and over again in my life, in my profession, and in my ministry. Storytelling, in its multiple forms, has shaped me into the woman of God that I am today. I believe that through storytelling, we can heal, grow, and flourish in Christ. My aim is to produce real, relatable, and soulful storytelling that that inspires humans to live in freedom as God’s image bearers. See what I’ve been up to lately.


For twenty+ years, I have been proclaiming the Gospel through the arts. For me, speaking is an extension of storytelling. I still remember the first time God asked me to read one of my poems instead of asking someone to perform it for me. It was the beginning of a love affair with audiences as we partner with each other to respond to the healing and transformative work of the Good News of Christ Jesus. I offer one-of-a kind, biblically-sound work to include sermons, creative renditions of biblical characters, keynotes, lectures, and original theatrical performances. Check out my speaker’s page for more information. 

Spiritual Director

Have you ever had someone to listen to you, really listen to you? Has anyone ever listened to you, not to respond but because what you have to say really matters? This type of listening, is called holy listening. It is the work of a spiritual director. As a spiritual director, I focus on helping people cultivate an inner life in Christ using spiritual exercises, retreats, and holy listening. I work mainly with groups and in a limited capacity with individuals. If you are in need of a prayerful and patient ear, give spiritual direction a try.