God Our Mother: A Prayer for You

Mother’s Day has always been a rough day for me. Even though my mom is alive, because she went into the military when I was six years old, I was raised by my Great Grandaunt Carrie. When I was growing up, Mother’s Day was the day I was reminded that Mom was not there. Today, even though Mom is retired, and I can go see her anytime I want, the habit of spending Mother’s Day apart has stuck. Now, she lives only two hours away, and yesterday, she was in SC, and I was in GA. It’s not something that bothers me anymore. It’s just a reality of my life.

However, Mother’s Day was rough because there are other mothers who have gone on to be with the Lord, whom I still miss dearly. My Aunt Patricia is one of those women. She died sooner than expected. Yesterday, was a day that I spent remembering her and how she touched my life as both my aunt and my godmother. I thought of her children, who are like a brother and sister to me. I thought of her siblings and other relatives. I thought of the legacy she left as a teacher and a faithful member of our family church. I thought of all the lives she touched with a lasting gentle, loving, and wise impression.

I know that yesterday was not only rough for me, but for some of you. For some, it is because your Mom is absent for whatever reason – physical or otherwise. For some, it is because your desire to be a Mom has not been fulfilled YET. So, today, I want to pray a prayer for those of you for whom Mother’s Day didn’t fit the mold.

God, our mother, in your infinite mercy, we come on behalf of those for whom Mother’s Day didn’t fit into the mold promised to us in TV advertisements and popular sermons. God, you made mothers special, unique, and one of a kind. No matter who they are or were, who they are not or were not, what they did or did not do, they each made the choice to birth each of us. We are here because they answered the call to carry us from your side eternity to ours. Some are still here, and some are not. Some wanted us and some did not. Some loved us as you wanted, and some did not. Some were blood relatives, and some were not. No matter what, they are our mothers. We ask that you heal us where we need healing, help us to grieve as we remember, and help us to feel a mother’s love no matter what. For mothers who feel ill-equipped or overwhelmed, remind us that in human weakness, God’s strength is made perfect. In those times of weakness, help us to come to you for living waters of sustenance. For those of us whose desire to be mothers has yet to be fulfilled, hold us in care and help us to have faith that you will grant that desire according to your purpose and plan. Help those desiring to be mothers to be bold enough to trust you with the details of how we become mothers. God, we thank you for being our first and eternal mother, for choosing our human mothers, and for keeping us in your care on days like yesterday. God, we thank you for loving us and keeping us in your arms as only a mother can. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

NOTE: It is my prayer that this post has done good and not caused harm. If I have caused your harm please charge it to my head and not my heart. Feel free to respond and I’ll be happy to pray or just sit with you individually until you feel the love in which this post was intended.