From Stress to Sabbath Rest: Self-Care for Super Sheroes Who Do Too Much

In our determination to please God, we strive to do everything with excellence. As believers, sometimes our commitment to excellence costs us and gets in the way of truly experiencing God and balanced life. As women of God, sometimes our perfectionism causes us to ignore the need for rest and restoration. Sabbath is one of the ways we experience God’s rest and restoration. This course explores the meaning of the Sabbath in a contemporary Christian context and its role in helping women create a practice of self-care that permeates every area of our lives. For those who are in ministry, the course explores the apparent contradictions between Sabbath rest and serving in the body of Christ. Participants will determine how to embrace the Spirit of Sabbath to enrich and balance their lives, first, as children of God, and second, as ambassadors of Christ, both inside and outside of the church.  

This course looks at Sabbath from three angles – scripture, contemplation, and the arts. In the course, participants will

  • Utilize artistic and contemplative practices to explore four calls of Sabbath-keeping – surrender, communion, community, and rest
  • Explore why is Sabbath rest so important and how it relates to proper self-care and effective servanthood in all areas of life.
  • Examine how can servants serve in excellence faithfully on the Lord’s Day while experiencing their own Sabbath rest.

Cost: $49

Delivery: All lessons will be delivered via six weekly emails. Students will be given all course files for unlimited individual use by the purchaser.

Materials: Six videos and a PDF course participant guide.