e11 Let the Past Be the Past

Jesus said to forgive for a reason. What happens when we don’t?

Ponder the Text: She went out and said to her mother, what shall I ask for? “The head of John the Baptist,” she answered Mark 6:24. 

Prompt for Thought: Where is your sore spot when it comes to forgiveness? Consider writing a letter or an email, even if you don’t send it. Consider praying for the offender, even if you simply ask God to bless the person. Ask God for help every step of the way. 

Prayer for the Journey: God, forgiveness is sometimes hard, but you specialize in hard things. When the way of forgiveness seems like a difficult pathway, help us to walk the right way. Also, when we struggle with forgiving ourselves, remind us that your Son died and rose, which means all is forgiven. Forgiveness is in your hands, you simply ask us to agree with you and open our hearts to your healing work. Help us to do it, even when we think we can’t. In Jesus’ name, Amen.