Balanced. Beautiful.

A Podcast for Modern Women of Faith

The Bold Balanced Beautiful podcast is here to help you move from where you are to where you want to be in God and in life. BBB podcast is filled with practical life applications of God’s Word and focused on helping women see themselves and live their lives through the lens and love of God so that they become bold, balanced, and beautiful in Christ Jesus.

A bold woman faces her past unapologetically and courageously

A balanced woman lives her life in the present moment intentionally and purposefully

A beautiful woman moves toward her future authentically and confidently

Host Patrice Gerideau serves women through biblically-sound and life-relevant spiritual content, soul care sessions, and spiritually grounded success strategies. She empowers by helping them recognize and embrace what God has already placed inside of them. Patrice inspires women through original creative content from her storytelling vault filled with modern-day parables that help you apply timeless Christian truths to everyday life.

In addition to sharing twenty years of her own hard-earned wisdom, Patrice taps into her circle of sisterhood and support to interview women of faith who are invested in helping their sisters heal, grow, and flourish together as women of God.

If you are READY to succeed in faith and in life the way God intended, LISTEN NOW.

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    Photo Credit: Katlyne Hill