A Love Song for Jesus

I write a lot of poetry that I never really share or has only been shared as spoken word performances. Today, I wanted to share one of those poems from my 2005 collection. I hope you enjoy it!
-Patrice Gerideau
Eternity put a smile on my face
from deep within
where imprints of Alpha Omega
touch the recesses of my soul

Breath of life
filtering O2 from CO2
carrying red rivers
by way of tiny streams
intersecting and connecting to
organs, tissues, muscles, cells
and my heart
which beats only for Jesus

This temple
immersed in living waters
comes back up whole in Him
completed by His perfection
by oneness in Him
my Savior
my Lord
my Hero
left the comforts of home
dwelt among broken vessels
to crush the head of the trifling serpent
who dared to separate the created from the Creator

I love you for loving me enough
to leave your Father’s side
so that the ladder reaches
to God’s heart forevermore

Integrity in my inconsistency
faith in my fear
intellect in my ignorance
peace in my paranoia
power in my powerlessness
Jesus, the very source of true love

My tears speak what words can’t
when my mind tries to comprehend
the depth of your love for me

Gratitude springs forth
from the praises on my lips
the more I sing my love song to you
the more I am lost in the beauty of You
your grace, your mercy, your holiness

You hold me captive
as you shape and mold dust
made into potter’s clay
with the cleansing waters of life everlasting

the Light since before time
traveled into the limited planes of my earthly existence
filled my heart to the brim
overflowing, over-flooded with
joy at your casting out the
dirt, muck and mire of a sin-sick core
pushing, purging, purifying me
with the bleach
of your blood
of forgiveness

To praise you daily for the rest of my days with gaps of infinitesimal time can’t even begin to be a speck of dust in the vastness of the galaxy of the debt of gratitude I owe you for the gift of
Your life

You met me at the place of my death with a gentle knocking on the door of my heart. Persistently, persistently, your wounded hand continues to make me over and over and over again until my thoughts meditate only on whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report
Of virtue and
Is praiseworthy

Sometimes the mind becomes a battlefield as flesh wages against spirit for control as thoughts assail and tongue becomes tied and twisted in the confusion, but just when temptation seems to be gaining ground, the landmine of your Word explodes in the enemy’s face as I remember

The Truth and the Light

My rock, my sword, my shield

The source of my endless supply

I love you so
You are the walk in my stride
The wind in my sail
The breath in my breathe
The internal of my inner beauty
The lamp that forever glows
The spark, the flame, the fire in my soul
The very meaning of love

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus