He Will Give You the Desires, Part 2 of 2

Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
—Psalm 37:4 (NRSV)

Childhood Dreams
Yesterday, we talked about making time to “take delight in the Lord,” and today, we want to considered the second part of Psalm 37:4, “and He will give you the desires of your heart.” By now, most of you know that you can either view this as God giving you what you desire or God giving you what He desires. I would like to advocate for the second version and here is my case.

When I was a little girl, I had one desire that permeated most of my childhood. I wanted my parents to be together and for us to live in the same house. By the time I was six both my parents were gone; however, my Mom had continued to be a big part of my life while her military career took her around the world. In retrospect, she made the right decision, but as a child, I didn’t see it. Also, by leaving my life, my Dad, struggling with his own demons, made the right decision as well. However, try telling that to a little girl who dreamed the American dream, especially when faced with milestones like my pre-teens, sweet sixteen, first crush and first broken heart. Much of my writing has been fueled by the absence of my parents. Some of it has made it to the public eye, but fortunately, most of it didn’t. Looking back, I wonder what would have happened if God gave me what I wanted.

As I grew into adulthood, I continued to dream dreams and have desires. At some point in life, at the prompting of my Aunt Constance, my perspective changed on Psalm 37:4. She asked, “What would happen if you allowed God to give you the desires He wants you to desire?” Then, God asked “Why won’t you allow me to place my desires in your heart?”

Moment of Transparency:
Can I be honest? In answering the latter question, that day and every time God asks it, I know fear is the culprit. It is a fear that stems from lack of trust and faith in God. Plain and simple, either I don’t trust God to know what is best for me or either I don’t have faith in him to fulfill his promises me. In fact, there have been times when I don’t “take delight in the Lord” because I know He is going to give me a desire that I don’t have faith in receiving.

Moment of Action:
Can I ask you a question? Do you trust God’s desires for you? Do you have faith that He will give you those desires? Is fear or something else preventing you from either trusting or having faith in God? “What would happen if you allowed God to give you the desires He wants you to desire?”

In God’s Love,