Doubt: The Dream Killer

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~Suzy Kassem

This morning, I was driving from my Mom’s house to the airport in Atlanta. Over the past twenty years, I have done this drive hundreds of times as a traveler or a driver for travelers. The trip is simple. I drive to I-75N, take I-285W and follow the signs for the airport. But this morning, I ended up getting turned around. Now, I can blame the early morning, pre-dawn hour. Or, I could blame the fact that I need glasses. I can even blame the fact that I was concerned about getting the rental back in time to make my flight. But, that is not why I spent 15 minutes lost. I got turned around because I second guessed knowledge that I already knew. In other words, I doubted myself.

After getting back on course, I couldn’t help but wonder how many times I’ve let doubt kill a dream in its beginning stages or when things start getting tough. Answering this question is even more important today because God has asked me to be a bolder in pursuit of the desires of my heart. I am usually the one who likes to work in the background, helping others reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I worked for twenty years in the nonprofit industry because I believe that by helping others be all God created them to be, I would be making the world a little better. For this same reason, I answered the call to ministry, and assumed that God wanted me to continue working in the background. And, while I will always use my gifts, talents, skills, and experiences to bless others in pursuit of purpose, God is clear that the time has come for me to fly with the eagles instead of walking around on the ground like a scared chicken, hiding out in the background.

And, as you know, I don’t like doing things alone in pursuit of God excellence. So, I invite you to take stock of your life, clarify your purpose, and decide to soar with me. When doubt arises, hear God whisper through the words of Suzy Kassem. Don’t let doubt kill your dreams.

Are you willing to soar with me?