Don’t Leave God Hanging

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.
Proverbs 4:25, NRSV

For the last week or so, I have been dealing with a dental issue that causes extreme pain when I eat. I have a few more days to go before dental surgery on Friday. While this has not been my favorite time, it has taught me a valuable lesson about my eating habits.

Having been reduced to either chewing in pain or eating soft foods, I have been consuming fewer calories, i.e. only what I need. I’ve even consumed less chocolate, which is a miracle in itself.

My dental issue has also meant some pain when I talk too much. So, like eating, I have been spending less time talking on the phone, one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. As a result, I’ve actually accomplished a few goals that I’d placed on the backburner.

That started me thinking. How many things could I be doing in place of unnecessary things? How many of my goals have been thwarted by bad habits such as overeating, wasting time on the phone or the like? How many times has God been thwarted in using me because I’ve been focused on something else? For instance, this blog post came to me yesterday, but because I was focused on worrying about an issue at work during my time with God, it didn’t go out until today. How many times have I left God hanging because of lack of focus on Him?

So, now I turn to you. Is there something blocking your progress in your professional, personal, or spiritual goals? Are you thwarting God’s plans for your life by focusing on something irrelevant? Have you left God hanging? If so, no need to waste more time beating yourself up about it. God has accounted for your temporary lack of focus, and all you need to do just re-focus or change focus by setting your eyes on God before you.