Answered Prayer

Last week Thursday, I prayed a prayer asking God to help me see others so I could be of use in the body of Christ. On Saturday, He began to answer that prayer.

This semester at seminary, we are required to do service learning for our Spiritual Formation course. My site is at a local mission that serves un-housed men. The site was not my original choice. Originally, I chose a site that focused on women’s issues because I thought I would be best suited to serve women. However, as always God’s plans are not our plans.

During my time there, I met a young man, who became my little brother during our interaction. I will call him Mark because that is who he reminded me of during the course of our conversation. The author of the Mark believed in expeditious and focused ministry. He didn’t waste words in describing Jesus’ ministry and this young man seemed to have been on a mission that was interrupted by his lack of patience with a slow moving system. That system caused him to walk away from ministry and seminary, which eventually landed him at the mission. As I was listening to him, my story and his story began to merge. We had a lot in common: we were in brother-sister Greek lettered organizations, we both used storytelling as our main tool, we both were impatient with slow moving systems and we both were struggling with implementing the call of God on our lives in face of those systems. In him, I saw a kindred spirit in ministry.

As we ministered to him and he ministered to my classmate and me, I began to feel like I actually could be of use in the body of Christ. I began to feel like I could actually work in ministry successfully. Most importantly, God showed me how to see the person, who may be momentarily in this place, but still is still significant and still has something to contribute to life of others.

While I still am unsure about the shape ministry should take in my life. Having one more confirmation about my call is a precious gift to me. As I continue my studies, I am sure God will help me figure out the rest. For now, I know my focus is school and getting as much real life experience as possible.

I pray this reflection helps you does three things for you: (1) cast away any doubts that God answers prayers; (2) helps you to see others instead of their circumstances/situations; and (3) allow others to see you instead of your circumstances/situations.