A Poetic Moment in Worship

Just thought I would share something a little different today. Here is a poem from my growing collection. Hope you enjoy!

Worship ©11.8.16 by Patrice Gerideau
Hearts beat to Eternal drums
Minds ascend to timelessness
Bodies dance to Holy cadence
Finding forgiveness of humanness

Hands extend to heavenly home
Emotions rise to meet Spirit’s wind
Voices cry out to the Only One
Seeking transformation and places to ascend

Souls curve along light’s path
Knees bend at the mercy seat
Thoughts conform to fruitfulness
Searching depths of eternity
Feet lift out of fear touching air
Touching down nowhere
Now aware
Of the Immortal Engineer
Paving HIGHways out of sinfulness
Paving roads toward godliness

Hands snatch from idleness
Trusting more and stressing less
Now strive for humanity’s best
Carve out random acts of kindness
Subsuming into the call of service
Holding swords sharpened for justice

Arms held wide open by Trinity
Shaped by love for destiny
Molded by passion and mercy
Seek to draw margin to center
Embracing the captured and humbled repenter

Texts reciting Holy love ballads to You
Instagram images of Word and Truth
Facebook high jacked by posts about You
Twitter singing your praises and giving You Your due

Film seek to understand the sacred cross
Music still brings clarity to clouds of chaos
Bloggers heeding the prophetic call
While reporters try to make sense of it all.