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A healed woman of God, living on purpose,
can change the landscape of her immediate,
communal, and global surroundings

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Thank You for Staring

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, can one still be beautiful when disease erases what society calls beautiful? Thank You for Staring is an autobiographical solo show that explores the appearance altering disorder, vitiligo, and chronicles one woman’s journey towards self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance in defiance of a standard that discounts the diverse ways beauty can show up on the planet. In this authentic and transparent solo work, Patrice recounts her real-life struggle with beauty, love, faith and acceptance.
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Women Between the Lines

WBTL uses the Life Stories method of storytelling to gather small groups of women to (1) explore the art forms of personal storytelling and dramatic presentation (2) tackle a particular life issue in community and (3) build sisterhood across the lines of diversity (4) empower women by helping them to recognize their inherent value and deal successfully with life experiences in order to live bold, balanced, beautiful lives in Christ Jesus.
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