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I firmly believe that a healed woman, living on purpose, can change the landscape of her immediate, communal, and global surroundings.

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Some people write because they live. I live because I write. This pen and paper is the reason why I’m still here. It is one of the few places I hear God’s whisper in the wind and feel God’s breath breathe into me all that matters.



I fear preaching the Gospel as much as I fear not preaching the Gospel. Therein, lies the only thing I have to offer behind the sacred desk – humility. God will always get the glory.



I still remember the name of every teacher that impacted my life and help shape me into who I am today. When I am in the classroom, I feel the weight of their legacy, and I pray that I don’t disappoint them.



Nice Meeting You.

I am an artist and theologian dedicated to sharing the Gospel through the written, spoken, and performed  word.

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I make it a point to read Patrice Gerideau’s “Love Speaks Daily” blog posts as soon as they come out. Whether a poem, a themed message, a call to action, or simply an experience she had that week, she is able to write in a way that resonates with me personally, often leaving me thinking – “Is this post about me?” Patrice describes her day-to-day blessings and tribulations and is able to seamlessly pull meaning and understanding from them, connecting the reader to God’s message in a relatable way. Her words of wisdom and spiritual message in each post leave me feeling closer to God’s love and increasingly invigorated in my faith.”
~Stephanie Okpala, Love Speaks Daily Reader

Patrice Gerideau is a teacher whose aim is to empower those she teaches. Although she stands as the expert in the room, she interacts with students in such a way that she demands they reach for the voice that sits quietly within. Then she guides students in allowing that voice to lead them in uncovering what needs to be addressed and/or revealed. Patrice is charismatic, jovial and bold.
~Pastor Lesley Newman, Corkran United Methodist Church